Study Buddy is specialized in creating, developing and the production of educational tools.

Supporting educational needs of children

Our passion is to create and develop innovative educational tools which enables every child to get the best out of him- or herself. It has all started with the sustainable, user-friendly Concentration solution by the name of Study Buddy. Meanwhile we are also providing other smart solutions to support the work stance and speech/language skills of children.

Study Buddy

The Study Buddy enables children to keep a better focus in the classroom. The Study Buddy is foldable, user-friendly, and very easy use and to store.

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Study Buddy Desktop & Book Buddy

The Book Buddy helps children to keep a better position while working or reading. A good working position safes energy and also avoids back and neck problems.

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Wigli Junior SoftSeat

The Wigli Junior SoftSeat gives children the opportunity to move around while sitting. A dynamic seat enables active sitting and offers total freedom of movement. It has been proven that sitting actively can help children to focus better on their work. Because of the movement brain stimuli will be triggered which leads to a improved concentration level. Sitting actively furthermore benefits the development of back and abdominal muscles.

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At present, our products are being used at more than 5000 schools across Europe.

Study Buddy is currently helping children in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Denmark.

There are more than 50.000 pieces of our Study Buddy Large sold to different schools or other educational institutions.

What can Study Buddy offer to your school?


With knowledge of the local school systems we can provide an appropriate solution for each type of education. Primary, Secondary and Special education.


All our products are produced based on durable and environmental-friendly materials. High-grade FSC-certified birch plywood ensures the best quality.


Our focus is on direct relationships with schools, teachers and professionals. By using less layers we can keep a personal approach and offer great value.


Our mission is to continuously develop new innovative educational products that supports children in their (specific) educational needs.

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