Create a quiet and non-distracting environment within seconds

With one of our Study Buddies it’s possible to create a quiet workplace in the classroom quick and easily. Children can use the Study Buddy without help from others at the moment of their choice. By removing visual and partly auditory stimuli children are able to better concentrate on their work.

Each student can also use the Study Buddy flexibly and according to their own needs. All models are foldable and can easily be set up by children themselves. A unique locking system ensures that the Study Buddy always remains safe and secure.

The Study Buddy is designed to be used by children on their own table. The different models have anti-slip strips that prevent the Study Buddy from shifting. This means that the Study Buddy does not need to be attached to the table.

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What makes the Study Buddy unique?

  • Thanks to the design and the unique locking system, each child can use the Study Buddy independently and according to their own needs.
  • In terms of dimensions, every Study Buddy fits perfectly on a standard school table. The different Study Buddies are designed to fit the most commonly used school tables at primary and secundary schools.
  • Because the Study Buddy does not require additional attachment to the table, children can use it within their own group in the classroom. Every model is equipped with anti-slip strips that avoids that the Study Buddy slides off the table unexpectedly.
  • Almost all Study Buddies can remain flat on the table after being used. When these models are folded, the top can be used as a normal desktop.
  • The models of the Study Buddy are using a specially designed durable and high-quality aluminum profile. This makes the Study Buddies extra strong and gives them a nice look and feel.

Store your Study Buddies

Another advantage of the Study Buddy is that they are easy to store. This enables to keep different models in a central location in the classroom. In this way, the Study Buddies are easy accessible which can stimulate the rotation among multiple children.

To store the Study Buddies user-friendly and safe, we created special storage solutions. There is enough room for 5 Study Buddies in one storage cabinet. There is a dedicated storage cabinet for the Study Buddy Medium, Study Buddy Large and the Study Buddy Portable.

Another accessory is the Study Buddy Pictostrip. This white metal (magnetic)strip can be placed in the Study Buddy. Children can attach magnetic icons to it, such as day rhythm cards or emoticons.

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