Book Buddy: enables you to read in a natural position.

To improve the reading position of children in a simple but efficient way, we as Study Buddy created the Book Buddy. The Book Buddy makes it possible for the children to read and / or work in a relaxed and less tiring position.

The Book Buddy is very practical, it consists two separate parts that are easy to slide in and out of each other. An advantage of this is that the Book Buddy can be easily stored when not used. Depending on the book size children can use the following models of the Book Buddy:

Book Buddy Medium (suitable for books of approximately A5 size)
Book Buddy Large (suitable for books of approximately A4 size)
Book Buddy XL (suitable for books of approximately A3 size)
In view of the fact that schools are also increasingly using tablets or e-readers, we recently also added the Tablet Buddy to our range. The Tablet Buddy has a notch to ensure that the tablet remains stable on the stand and not slides off. (suitable for all kind of sizes of tablets)

An additional application of the Book Buddy is that it is widely used for all kinds of presentation purposes in classrooms or throughtout the entire school.

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  • Book Buddy
  • Book Buddy
  • Book Buddy
  • Book Buddy

Study Buddy Desktop: multifunctional portable wooden writing slope.

In order to support a good working and writing position we created the Study Buddy Desktop. This multifunctional writing slope helps children that prefer to work under a certain angle.

The Study Buddy Desktop can be of added value in daily practice for all children. In practice we experience that this product is also very suitable for children with visual limitation. This kind of children will work under a certain slope and this can in fact stimulate the processing of information.

The Study Buddy Desktop has been designed in a special way that gives the product a number of unique features:

  • The Study Buddy Desktop consists of two separate parts, making it easy to slide in and out of each other. This also ensures that the writing slope is easy to store after being used.
  • Thanks to the design, the Study Buddy Desktop is adjustable in two different angles of inclination. Children can, depending on their preference, work with the writing slope under an angle of 15 or 20 degrees.
  • To prevent exercise books and papers from slipping off the work surface, one side of the Study Buddy Desktop is treated with a child-friendly anti-slip layer.
  • In addition to the anti-slip layer, the bottom edge of the writing slope is equipped with a rubber U-profile so that the Study Buddy Desktop can not slide on the table while used.

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