Speech Mirrors

Study Buddy Speech Mirror: Practice makes perfect

It’s well known that speech therapy helps children with speech and / or language challenges. We as Study Buddy have created the Study Buddy Speech Mirrors, which support children in performing exercises to increase speech language development.

The two high-quality Study Buddy Speech Mirrors are made of a FSC certified wooden frame combined with a safety glass mirror. The Study Buddy Speech Mirror is available in two sizes:

– Study Buddy Speech Mirror Small (Mirror size 42×30 cm)
– Study Buddy Speech Mirror Large (Mirror size 50×35 cm)

What are the special features of the
Study Buddy Speech Mirror?

  • The Study Buddy Speech Mirror is multifunctional and can be used in addition to exercises to improve motor skills of children.
  • The light weight of the Study Buddy Speech Mirror ensures that it is easy to move around. Because of the design with two separate parts the mirror is also very easy to store.
  • By adjusting the postion of the base the Study Buddy Speech Mirror can be positioned under 4 different angles. This enables children and supervisors to sit behind the mirror both individually or together in an optimal position.
Speech Mirrors

What can the Study Buddy Speech Mirror be used for?

  • Children with speech-language challenges can use the Study Buddy Speech Mirror to perform exercises that stimulate the further development of the oral motor skills.
  • With the Study Buddy Speech Mirror, sensory-motor exercises can also be performed. For example; by spraying shaving foam or whipped cream on the mirror, children come into contact with sensory stimuli such as seeing, feeling and tasting.
  • The Study Buddy Speech Mirror can also help children to identify and recognize facial expressions and emotions. Especially at a younger age it is important for children to get a feeling for this.

View both versions of the Study Buddy Speech Mirror:

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